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Born 1982 in Rapla, Estonia. Lives and works in Tartu, Estonia. Represented by Kogo Gallery.


Selected solo/duo exhibitions

  • 2022  Natural II
    Telliskivi Creative City, Dome-gallery, Tallinn
  • 2021  Shared Territory
    Tartu Art Museum, Tartu. Virtual tour
  • 2020  Arbitrary Art — duo-exhibition with Hando Tamm
    Gallery No 1, Äksi
  • 2020  Biomass — Ghost in the Corner
    Kogo gallery, Tartu
  • 2018  In the Shadow of the Twilight — duo-exhibition with Imat Suumann, curated by Peeter Talvistu
    Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2018  Natural
    Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2017  Beauty Salon
    Tartu Art House Monumental Gallery, Tartu
  • 2016  Artishok Biennale 2016: Installation „Staging” — art and criticism event
    Theatre No99, Tallinn
  • 2016  Eike Eplik / Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo — duo-exhibition with Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo
    Gallery Noorus, Tartu
  • 2015  Some of These Birds Flew on Their Backs
    Tallinn City Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2014  Kujukuju
    Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2013  The Heap — exhibition with Eleriin Ello and Krista Sokolova
    Tartu Art House, Tartu
  • 2012  The Girl Who Loved Everything — personal exhibition of KUKU NUNNU young artist prize winner
    Y-Gallery, Tartu
  • 2012  Exhibition
    Paper Museum, Tartu
  • 2011  The Tiny Twig
    Y-Gallery, Tartu
  • 2010 House and Me — MA thesis at Estonian Academy of Arts
    Raja Gallery, Tallinn

Selected group exhibitions

  • 2022  On the Other Side of the Great Oblivion
    NART, Narva, curated by Maria Helen Känd
  • 2022  Growing Out? Growing Up? Contemporary Art Collecting in the Baltics
    Zuzeum Art Centre, Riga, Latvia
  • 2022  Conservated Matter
    annual exhibition of Estonian Sculptors’ Union, Viinistu Art Harbour, Viinistu
  • 2022  Tour of Sculpture
    Telliskivi Creative City, Green Gallery, Tallinn, curated by Mara Ljutjuk and Bianka Soe
  • 2022  My Bitter Sweet Frankenstein Body
    Titanik, Turku, Finland, curated by Šelda Puķīte
  • 2022  Spring Exhibition 2022
    the 22nd annual exhibition of Estonian Artists’ Association, Tallinn Art Hall
  • 2022  Pine-fulness
    Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery, Võru, Estonia, curated by Siim Preiman
  • 2022  Runner Along the Border, Rat Catcher and Bricklayer
    Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, curated by Gregor Taul
  • 2021  Pine-fulness
    Tallinn City Gallery, Tallinn, curated by Siim Preiman
  • 2021  The Bambi Project
    Kogo Gallery, Tartu, curated by Šelda Puķīte
  • 2021  The Garden of Forking Sounds — exhibition with Timo Toots, Aivar Tõnso and Tencu
    Tartu Art House, Tartu
  • 2020  Time to Dream or Fear?
    Kogo Gallery, Tartu
  • 2019  The Garden of Forking Paths — annual exhibition of Estonian Sculptors’ Union
    Tallinn Botanic Garden, Tallinn
  • 2015  Perceptionsphere — joint project at music festival Üle Heli with Tencu (Andres Tenusaar) and ensemble Eeter
    Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
  • 2015  Body Language — curated by Tiiu Kirsipuu
    Tallinn Art Hall
  • 2015  Youth Mode — installatsion „Lick It Up. Be Your Own Pet” collaboration with Helmi Arrak
    Tartu Art Museum, Tartu
  • 2014  Paper Stands for Everything — annual exhibition of Estonian Sculptors’ Union
    Design and Architecture Gallery, Tallinn; The Museum of New Art, Pärnu; Saaremaa Art Studio, Kuressaare
  • 2014 Roadside Picnic. Tartu 1860-2014 — curated by Peeter Talvistu
    Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
  • 2014  Cardigans and Kostabis. Tartu Exhibition Spaces 1990-2014 — curated by Triin Tulgiste
    Tartu Art Museum, Tartu
  • 2013  Sculpture Is Space — Estonian Sculptors Union Annual Exhibition
    Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2013  Chinatown-installation — Urban Festival Uit
  • 2013  My Mythology — pisiplastika näitus
    Gallery Noorus, Tartu
  • 2011  Five Moments of Spring — sculpture exhibition
    Merikarvia, Finland
  • 2010 Sculpture Palimpsest
    Nabaklab, Riia
  • 2009 Ecstasy is the New Frequency!!!! Mask is the Latest Hype!!!!
    Sadamateater, Tartu
  • 2009 Scary Challenge/Raske samm
    Tallinn Post Office, Tallinn
  • 2008 Monuments of Freedom
    Maarjamäe castle park, Estonian History Museum, Tallinn
  • 2007 Apartment for Rent
    Gallery Raja, Tallinn
  • 2007 Gull — Lindakivi Culture Center Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2007 Crocodile Ate Bears Honey
    Tartu Art Museum, Tartu
  • 2007 2 Beginnings
    Athena Center, Tartu

Other projects

  • 2023 Endel Taniloo 100 — curating the exhibition, Tartu Art House
  • 2022 XXII Kohila Symposium — participating wood fired ceramics symposion
  • 2021 Participation in Liste Art Fair Baselinstallation in collaboration with artist Mari-Leen Kiipli, curated by Šelda Puķīte, Kogo Gallery. Basel, Switzerland
  • 2021 Rising — public urban sculpture in collaboration with artist Simone Fezer, a work commissioned by the city of Lüneburg, Germany
  • 2015 Tartu Artist Union Annual Exhibition — curation and design
  • 2015 Vassilissa — scenery for dance performance by Ingrid Tuksam
  • 2014 Warrior. Wolf’s Journey Through the Guts of Little Red Riding Hood — scenery for dance performance by Eva Labotkin and Mai Sööt
  • 2010 Participation with an installation „Do You Remember the Gun I Told You About? Lately, there are So Many Things I’d Like to Shoot Dead” in The Shifts’ music video
  • 2010 Large-scale Short-term — international symposium, Tartu
  • 2007 Reason, come home! — urban joint project, Tallinn

Prizes and Scholarships

  • 2022 Visual arts annual award of Cultural Endowment of Estonia
  • 2021-2023 Artist laureate salaries
  • 2018 Ado Vabbe Art Prize
  • 2015 Sadolin Art Prize nominee
  • 2012 ART IST KUKU NU UT contemoporary art festival, young artist prize KUKU NUNNU
  • 2006  Eduard Wiiralt's fund

Works in collections


  • Estonian Artists' Association
  • Tartu Artists’ Union
  • Estonian Sculptor’s Union


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